More Samples

Bear drum bag made of black bear and elk hide, deer leather, elk sinew and Italian glass trade beads, glass cones, buffalo hair pipe and wool.


Bags, such as this, made to carry drums or any large items can be crafted out of several different materials such as elk, coyote, badger, buffalo and bear. The shoulder straps can be braided leather or, as this bag, wide with patches of bead work.
Neck wear: Buffalo horn and bone hair pipe with French brass beads create jewelry that can be worn on the neck. Bracelets and earrings can also be fashioned in the same styles. Claw pendants, usually badger, can be made with black bear, wolf, turtle or other custom animal representation and simulated materials.

At top, two examples of chokers. At bottom, beaded badger claw pendants in white and tan buckskin.


Medicine rattle made of elk rawhide, deer toes, antelope leather, Italian glass seed beads, sinew, ermine, otter, horse hair, badger claw, buffalo tooth, buffalo bone, turkey feather and black bear and coyote fur.

Rattle made of elk rawhide, brain tan deer skin, otter, sinew and Italian glass seed beads.


Rattles generally have beaded handles made and are made of elk rawhide. Styles vary according to the preference of the user.
Wall hangings such as this can be made from elk, buffalo, coyote or bear. Availability is limited. They are truly unique pieces of art work.

Coyote wall hanging on a cedar hanger and has Italian glass seed beads, horse hair, sinew, deer antler buttons and brass cones.


Example of a buckskin possibles bag with Lakota lazy stitch Italian glass seed beads.


Small bags, such as this, are made of deer leather and Italian seed beads done in traditional Lakota lazy stitch. They are called strike-a-light bags, ration ticket bags and possibles bags and they range in sizes. The same style of bag can be made in a larger size to hold pipes and flutes.
Hard cases tend to work very well for flutes as they provide some protection from abuse. They are good for feather cases and general storage. Parfleche boxes can be made out of buffalo rawhide which are appropriate for more heavy storage.

Parfleche flute case made of elk rawhide, brain tan deerskin, flannel and paints