Price List

Consistent with the traditions of the Lakota, all of my flutes are made of Western red cedar, also known as clear cedar. Some of the oldest museum pieces are also made of this mountain cedar. Each flute is worked completely by hand for the entire process, which takes 25 to 40 hours from start to finish. Just as each piece of wood is different, so too are the voices of the flutes made from them. Each flute has a sound that may never be created again. Each is truly one of a kind. For this reason, the prices also vary from flute to flute. However, I can give you a price range that each style of flute I make can fall between.

Bird Head Flutes: Beautiful low voice. Twenty-four to 28 inches in length. Roughly 1 1/2 inches in diameter with six-hole fingering. Carved and painted bird head. Complete with leather ties. $280 to $380.

Oglala Flutes:

Same beautiful low voice as the Bird Head flutes. Twenty-four inches in length. Roughly 1 1/2 inches in diameter with six-hole fingering. Complete with leather ties. $250 to $350.
Hunkpapa Flute: Slightly higher voice. Twenty-one to 24 inches in length. Roughly 1 inch in diameter with six-hole fingering. Complete with leather ties. $125 to $225.

Zitkala Flute:

High bird-like voice. Fifteen to 17 inches in length. Roughly 3/4 inches in diameter with six-hole fingering. Complete with leather ties. $100 to $200.


For an additional $60, you may have me add some bead work to your flute. All lazy stitch bead work is done using real sinew (elk or buffalo ligament and tendons) and is done in the Lakota tradition, which interlocks each stitch for greater strength. Each design is different, but consists of geometric designs with traditional as well as old-time colors.

You may also elect to have me add a fancy block piece for your flute. For and additional $60, I will carve and paint a horse, bird, bear or buffalo. The horse, my specialty, has a sinew bridle, real horsehair mane and often has his own war paint.

My grandfather taught me how to make flutes when I was only nine years old. Making them all this time, they have become my specialty. However, I do spend much time making both men's and women's traditional dance regalia for use in powwows. Women's dresses vary in style: cloth, buckskin, elk and moosehide. Prices can range between $400 and $3000 depending upon the amount of beadwork, quillwork or painting desired and upon the materials used (i.e. brain tanned deer, antelope, or commercially tanned leathers). Men's war shirts also vary greatly in price due to the amount of bead work. Most fall between $400 and $1500. It would be best to call and discuss what you wish your dress or war shirt to look like, or even send me a picture and I can quote you a price. Regalia and flutes take up much of my time, but believe it or not, I do find time to make the following items as well . . .

Wing Fans: Made of turkey wings or domesticated goose wings, cedar handle covered in buckskin and beaded with sinew and Italian glass seed beads. Most have 6" to 14" fringe. $200 to $350.

Flute Cases:

Made of elk rawhide rolled into a tube and tied together using deerskin thongs. These ties create 12" to 16" fringe. These cases are painted and some are beaded with Italian glass seed beads. $250 to $450.

Pipe Bags:

Made of brain tanned or commercially tanned deerskin, Italian glass seed beads, sinew, as well as porcupine quills on some. $225 to $450.
Hand Drums: Single-sided hand drums made of elk rawhide and steam bent wood frames. Most are painted. All hand drums come with an elk or buffalo hair stuffed beater complete with a beaded handle. Handle of beater has 6" to 10" fringe. $150 to $350.
Beaded Bags: Tobacco, strike-a-light, ration ticket, awl and possibles bags are made of either brain tanned deerskin or commercially tanned buckskin, elk or buffalo sinew with Italian glass seed beads, glass crow beads, solid French brass beads, tin or brass cones. Sizes vary greatly. $60 to $300.


All chokers are made with hand carved American bison bone and horn cover hairpipe strung together with elk or buffalo sinew. Most include solid French brass beads, however some use hollow brass beads or nickel beads. Harness leather spacers, glass pony beads, glass crow beads and abalone shell disks are also included in the construction. Single strand, $10 to $20. Double strand, $20 to $30. Three strand, $30 to $40. Four strand, $45 to $60. Five strand, $65 to $80.
Custom Chokers: These chokers are made with the same materials but include beaded rosette centers or lazy stitched segments made with deerskin, Italian glass seed beads and elk or buffalo sinew. $75 to $250.
Men's Breast Plates: Made of 4" hand carved bone hairpipe, elk or buffalo sinew, buckskin, solid French brass beads, glass crow beads, glass pony beads, tin or brass cones and horsehair. Most have an abalone disk finished off with a beaded feather hanging from the center. Some also include a lazy stitch center column. $250 to $600.
Buffalo and War Lances: Six to seven foot long lance made of lodgepole pine shaft, a stone or heavy hand-forged iron point and wrapped with elk rawhide. Each lance is unique, but some of the materials used are as follows: barred turkey feathers, hand-painted imitation eagle feathers, domesticated goose feathers, brain tanned deer skin, commercially tanned buckskin, trade flannel, brass tacks, elk or buffalo sinew, Italian glass seed beads, glass pony beads, glass crow beads, solid French brass beads, horse hair and furs from deer, elk, buffalo and coyote. $200 to $350.

I also have in limited supply unique wall hangings. These pieces are entire elk, buffalo, deer, coyote and bear hides with lazy stitched trim and center stripe. Some include beaded rosette and paintings. Each is quite unique and very beautiful. Call for pricing. Each of my creations are meant to be used and are made in a working fashion. I take great pride in creating such pieces of working art, just as generations before me did. Again, all prices quoted are retail price ranges. If you own or operate a wholesale business, I can make available the wholesale price list as well. If you have any questions or special requests regarding colors, styles, patterns or materials, please feel free to call or e-mail as I appreciate your inquiries and your business.